There’s not much to do in Oviedo other than to drink cider and eat tapas, and of course, get a gearbox swapped…

Europe- off again

Attempt number four at getting an old vw van around Europe. It survived the ferry, which is a start I suppose, although it did take a while to get going, and we’ve made it into the Cantabrian mountains not too far from Santander. (The port city not the bank). 24 hours on a ferry is … More Europe- off again

China- Finito

See ya China! You’ve been the most frustrating, sweaty and confusing place but also an incredibly beautiful one and a good laugh. The spitting, honking and queuing have driven me up the wall (not the great one) but it’s all been worth it for the immense scenery and a glimpse into a fascinating history. The … More China- Finito

Final Chinese Evening

Tonight was the straw on the tired camels back so here’s some photos, because other than explaining why I am too exhausted to give the usual brief, bad write up I don’t have it in me to talk you through the parks, arts and acrobats. Late night commuting is not fun.

Hongcun Ancient Village

A few photos from this charming 11th century village near the Yellow Mountains in China. With beautiful mirror ponds and tiny alleyways it was a massive contrast from the high rises of busy Shanghai just a few hours away.

Shanghai Shocker

Arriving at a hostel at 3:30am is never fun, especially after a flight and a long bus ride. Having to creep into a room whilst trying not to wake up anyone is a stealth mission and making a bed when you just want to collapse on top of it is a massive ball ache. Having … More Shanghai Shocker


Travelling around China has been the most exhausting, sweaty and occasionally beautiful month but it has also been the most relentless and active month with endless hiking to explore cities and mountains and commuting to get around such a massive country. Today was a welcome change with a chance to chill out around the hostel … More Yangshuo