Europe #27- The End.

The time had finally come for my final drive. Being so near to home, on the British motorway and having successfully driven through 11 countries (and unsuccessfully through Austria) I didn’t consider the possibility of breaking down or having any navigational issues but foolishly presumed it would be a quick coast home, a stroll across … More Europe #27- The End.

Europe #25- Amsterdam

Amsterdam was the final stop on our trip before we were to head home via a route of long ferry rides and boring motorway drives. However, this ‘we’ became just me as my mates decided to fly home instead, leaving me, in a slightly broken-down van, to finish the boring leg of the journey alone. … More Europe #25- Amsterdam

Europe #22- Berlin

After discovering that four people sleeping the van wasn’t a viable option for, well, anytime really, we made the easy decision to trawl through Airbnb’s to find a place to stay in Berlin. The crammed sleeping arrangement we attempted in the Tropical Paradise carpark didn’t only lead to collective grumpiness from the sub-standard slumber but … More Europe #22- Berlin

Europe #20- Prague Fools, Bar Crawls and Lennon Walls

Now that the debacle of the van repair was over the road trip was back on track and I was free to enjoy the remaining few weeks relatively stress free, with the threat of breakdowns reduced and any hostile Austrian mechanics left behind. With Fanny safely parked in Prague, I was finally able to experience … More Europe #20- Prague Fools, Bar Crawls and Lennon Walls