Power Tools

As much as I’d love to spend my life road tripping around the world in my van, most of my time is really spent slaving away at work, dreaming of faraway places and contemplating my bad life choices. The problem with trying to travel is having to fund it, and as unbelievable as exploring the … More Power Tools


I’ve been blogging for a while now, nearly a year overall but only more seriously for a few months, so to get nominated for an award is as surprising as it is ujhv. To think someone has read the scribbled accounts of my adventures (probably not the ones I’ve written hungover (which is most of … More Nominated


Last week I made the trip to London. This wasn’t to behold the world-famous landmarks or to have a nice relaxing day around the capital but do undergo the excruciating process of applying for a working holiday visa to Japan. I’m pretty excited to jet off to the other side of the world in just … More Visas