The Food Situation

One of the first things people mentioned upon finding out I was off to China was the food. Whether I’ll be testing out the street food or if I’ll be able to have three meals a day of the local grub, if I have any idea what the traditional meals are like or if I’m … More The Food Situation

The Great Wall

Most people have heard of the seven wonders of the world, the unparalleled creations that seem impossible and inevitably coax jaws to be dropped and minds to be blown. A mixture of apparently divine creations and astonishing human endeavours. Nobody, however, can determine what they are. Sure, there are lists that can be reeled off … More The Great Wall

Phi Phi Islands

Thailand is at the top end of many a traveller’s bucket list. Boasting idyllic coastlines, mouth-watering food and enthralling history all for wallet friendly prices, it’s no surprise over thirty million people wandered there last year. After cycling out of the country into neighbouring Cambodia with my mum, I headed back to meet up with some mates who were enjoying life on picturesque Phi Phi Island.  To rid … More Phi Phi Islands

Rainy Bangkok

As I delightedly devoured my Pad Thai in a small restaurant in Bangkok, I heard a small crackle of thunder and the drizzling of rain. It was my final day in Thailand before I flew to Bali later that day, so I hoped that the sudden storm would be a brief and carnage free affair. … More Rainy Bangkok