There’s not much to do in Oviedo other than to drink cider and eat tapas, and of course, get a gearbox swapped…

Europe- off again

Attempt number four at getting an old vw van around Europe. It survived the ferry, which is a start I suppose, although it did take a while to get going, and we’ve made it into the Cantabrian mountains not too far from Santander. (The port city not the bank). 24 hours on a ferry is … More Europe- off again

China- Finito

See ya China! You’ve been the most frustrating, sweaty and confusing place but also an incredibly beautiful one and a good laugh. The spitting, honking and queuing have driven me up the wall (not the great one) but it’s all been worth it for the immense scenery and a glimpse into a fascinating history. The … More China- Finito

Final Chinese Evening

Tonight was the straw on the tired camels back so here’s some photos, because other than explaining why I am too exhausted to give the usual brief, bad write up I don’t have it in me to talk you through the parks, arts and acrobats. Late night commuting is not fun.

Hongcun Ancient Village

A few photos from this charming 11th century village near the Yellow Mountains in China. With beautiful mirror ponds and tiny alleyways it was a massive contrast from the high rises of busy Shanghai just a few hours away.

Shanghai Shocker

Arriving at a hostel at 3:30am is never fun, especially after a flight and a long bus ride. Having to creep into a room whilst trying not to wake up anyone is a stealth mission and making a bed when you just want to collapse on top of it is a massive ball ache. Having … More Shanghai Shocker

Hong Kong

After another gruelling day of travel consisting of a few trains and a long bus ride we finally made it to Hong Kong. In complete contrast to the quiet, picturesque county of Yangshuo, Hong Kong is going to be a whirlwind 48 hours as we try and pack in as much as we can in … More Hong Kong