Book Review- The Thursday Murder Club By Richard Osman

A couple of weeks ago, the inevitable happened, I tested positive for the coronavirus. I still don’t know how or where I got it from, I guess it’s just hanging around most of the country now. I only lost my sense of smell and taste so it wasn’t too bad considering how much worse it could’ve been, i.e. death. The most annoying thing is that the day my isolation period ended, the whole country went into lockdown which means my freedom has only been extended from my bedroom to a cold building site, and not the pub. This probably seems completely irrelevant, and most of it is, but it does set the context for the second and third days of my insanity, for which I was glued to the immensely delightful book, Richard Osman’s The Thursday Murder Club. 

When it first dawned on me that I had ten days off work I wrongly imagined that I could be productive, getting some job applications done, maybe get into some blogging and perhaps even do some kind of online course. I did not. Any chance of a that went out the window when I picked up The Thursday Murder Club. I was hooked from the first page.

The premise of the book is that a group of pensioners in a posh retirement village form a club in which they review police cold cases until one day a murder happens very close to home and they set out to solve the crime in real-time. The plot itself is remarkable. It is an original take on the packed murder mystery genre and Osman keeps the reader drawn in with a fast pace and a few twists along the way. However, it is his eccentric group of excellently written characters that make this novel such an easy, entertaining read. Each member of The Thursday Murder Club have their own endearing, quirky characterisations that are brilliantly British and I could definitely imagine my Gran fitting in with them. The humour is simple but effective, playing on the stereotypes of the elderly and had me laughing out loud on multiple occasions.

It is just such an easy, light-hearted read that sucks in the reader into a bizarre, yet hilarious world of comical septuagenarian detectives. It made the start of my lockdown not just bearable but quite enjoyable, although I did shed a tear or two, partially due to some sombre plot points, more due to isolation. It is like no other book I can remember reading. That doesn’t mean much because I haven’t read a lot of books and tend to stick to non-fiction, but still, it seemed unique compared to everything I have browsed and it was a genuinely enjoyable read that had me smiling from start to end, with a few breaks for some unstable tears. It seems like a franchise ready to explode, and it will as Osman has signed a huge multi-book deal, with a sequel already out for pre-order. I am very much looking forward to getting my hands on that.

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