To Read- Writing About Reading So I Can Read More Writing

               It is hard to build a standout CV when all you have done for the last five years is move stacks of bricks, taught skiing and broken down in an old van in various European countries, so I have decided to add a much needed arrow to my very light quiver. My new year’s resolution was to read a book a week and surprisingly, I have stuck to it. Having discovered my inner bookworm and remembering I have a blog, I thought this much needed arrow could fly in the form of book reviews. The hope is this might bolster my CV, catch the eye of a potential employee and somehow land me a job. I shall add optimist to my CV once I have finished this introductory piece.

 I took a gap year to discover what career would best suit me, having no clue when I left school what I wanted to do. Five years later I have slightly narrowed it down to something to do with writing and books or environmentalism and conservation (not that narrow really). To tread down the book path, I have taken the initiative to share my views on the books I am reading. This seems to me to be more relevant to a potential job in publishing than the ability to handle wheelbarrows with astonishing nimbleness.

               Books have become my primary form of escapism. Getting stuck into a gripping novel or eye-opening work of non-fiction is my daily release from thinking about my pending unemployability, relentless Covid news and the fact that eco-systems are on the brink of collapse and humanity is doomed. I shall add pessimist to my CV once I have finished this introductory piece.

Job hunting is hard at the best of times so beginning the search in the middle of an economy- shrinking pandemic when you have no degree and limited work experience may not be the ideal situation, but I will give it my best shot.

The plan is to post a couple of reviews each week on my blog until I run out of books or get a job, whichever comes first. That said (or written), if I get a job in media or publishing my consumption of books should increase so if anything my output of reviews should increase along with it.

Stay tuned….

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