The Best Van Meals- #10

Sometimes simplicity is key in the kitchen and a tasty sandwich is quite literally the bread and butter of cooking. A soft loaf is an essential cupboard item in the van, and its sweatier, crushed version of a few days later is also a frequent find. A life without sandwiches would be a tough one. Seemingly anything slapped between two buttery slices turns out delicious but Bani and I have pushed this theory to the extremes.

Two staple productions of our depleted kitchen are the crunchy goodness of the crisp sandwich and Bani’s favourite- the strange but sweet tomato ketchup roll. Both are perfect for eating on the road and even Bani can simply prepare one on the dashboard in just a matter of moments and serve one up as the van canters along. More often than not they are a comforting hangover snack and when we are too lazy or just want to avoid cooking in the hot midday van, a simple sandwich is all it takes to fill a hungry hole.

What a load of shit. A ketchup roll is not a meal. I don’t even like them. (Sorry Bani)

Times are pretty desperate when the red sauce is the only filling, and sometimes there isn’t even any butter. When the thought of having one squirms its way into my brain I know that a trip to the supermarket is due. My fridge never works so meat has to be eaten within a day and butter soon becomes liquid in the heat of a European summer. Growing up my mum packed me off to school every day without fail with a ham sandwich and so I’m over them. Since going veggie peanut butter seems to be the best shout to stick between the crusts but a week of that would be a boring week. It’s crazy how diverse bread is around the continent too. Nothing seems to compare to a budget loaf of Kingsmill or Warburtons. Other than a big French baguette, all the bread seems to be tiny squares on the other side of the channel and its just not as good. Call me a bread xenophobe but its true.

Still, sandwiches our regularly devoured with vigour and when its not ketchup inside, it is one of the simple delights in life. Buying fresh salads in France or ham in Spain and tenderly placing it between a recently baked loaf creates an ideal lunch to eat outside the van in the sun. As my mum would probably share of Facebook- ‘life is like a sandwich, the more you add to it the better it becomes.

Ingredients (Why am I writing this)

  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Anything edible
  • Some form of sauce or garnish

Method (Why are you reading this)

  • Butter one side of the bread
  • Butter one side of another slice of bread
  • Add whatever food you want onto one slice (on the butter side)
  • Drizzle whichever sauce you have chosen (onto the filling)
  • Put the other slice of bread on top (butter side down)
  • Enjoy!

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