Europe’s Best Cities- What’s Next

               We made it through my top 30 European Cities! It was nice to think back to better times where travelling was allowed, I was with my friends and I wasn’t slowly edging towards insanity in lockdown. I would sacrifice my brother to go back to any of the places on that list, or anywhere new, or I might just sacrifice him anyway. I keep convincing myself that soon I will get to go away in the van and maybe a big road trip is still possible this year, but it doesn’t take long for reality to set in and crush those far-flung day dreams, so for now I’m stuck looking at pictures of places I’d rather be.

               I hit a bit of wall this week, not just in writing but in maintaining my sanity, and got a bit lazy. The blogs didn’t get the attention I should give them and neither has anything else, I just floated through the week reading and binging Netflix but hopefully I can get a routine going, I should be able to make myself useful and accept lockdown after 2 months of not leaving home.

               Now that I have finished my favourite cities, I am free to select a new category. Maybe my most loved national parks will do or the best places I have parked up for a night. Perhaps my favourite meals to cook using all my terrible culinary skills or I could list out the most amazing roads I’ve driven on. I could even mix them up or revisit my trips to Australia and New Zealand for some better travel blogging. Or, I could get back in bed…. We will see.

How Covid-19 Is Threatening The Premier League Season

The number of positive tests returned by Premier League players in the last week has surged up to 40, more than double the previous week’s high of 18. With four games having already been postponed there is serious risk of an unfulfillable fixture pile upbringing into question the sustainability of the season. With the density…

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