Europe’s Top Cities- #6 to #10

               There seemed to be a lot of castles, dragons and medieval streets in the most recent additions to my list of top European cities, but hey, who doesn’t like those? Edinburgh, Ljubljana and Krakow all have amazing castles surrounded by enchanting old streets, whilst Pisa has that leaning tower in its old town and Freiburg has its minster. Further out, all are surrounded by staggering natural beauty, be it the Black Forest, the rolling hills of Tuscany or the epic Slovenian mountains. Each of them are incredible cities full of unique foods, fun bars and pleasant architecture and each deserves to be in the top ten. I can’t wait to revisit them, whenever that may be.

               Visiting cities in a van can provide a completely different perspective to flying to the same city for a weekend. If I had driven to Krakow or Edinburgh I could’ve explored the Tatra mountains or the glorious lochs outside the respective cities, but I probably wouldn’t get to stay in the centre and meet people whilst being fully immersed in the heart of town. Driving through the Black Forest or Slovenian Valleys gave a glorious approach to Freiburg and Ljubljana and meant we could camp out in the beautiful wilderness but when we got into the cities we couldn’t just park up in the main squares and set up camp, unfortunately.

               I loved these cities for their histories, iconic building and long cobbled roads but also for their relaxed auras and small town feels in their busiest districts. There wasn’t any overcrowded squares I had to fight through and no orchestra of car horns and revving engines in the background. They felt clean and had plenty of open green spaces and nice pubs which spilt out onto warm squares. All of these places were easy to walk around in, ambling from one interesting site, around a colourful corner, only to stumble upon another unique monument, building or street. They are, simply, amazing places.

               Have you been to any of these cities? Would they make your top 10 or maybe even your top 5? Can you guess any of my top 5?


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