Europe’s Top Cities- #6

                I asked Georgie what her favourite memory of our weekend away was but all she said was ‘Nachos’. I can’t justify putting a city up in 6th place based on its ability to provide tasty Mexican snacks so I’ll have to find some other reasons for why I loved this place. Haggis, scotch eggs and fresh fish washed down with some Whisky would be most people’s idea of good food to eat whilst in Edinburgh, but her culinary highlight was nachos. But damn, they were some delicious nachos.

               Cheesy, salsa smothered, guac covered crisps are just one of the things we enjoyed whilst in the Scottish capital. On a sunny, warm day, and they do occasionally happen up there, Edinburgh is one of the most pleasant cities in the world. The parks which are sprawled out beneath the castle come alive in the rays of the sun and sitting outside a pub amongst the charming buildings of the old town is a fine place for a refreshing pint. Arthur’s seat offers a beautiful panorama over the city after a steady hike up the green hill, surpassing Calton Hill as Edinburgh’s best lookout. The Castle gives them both a run for their money as it looks out from the centre of the city, down Prince’s Street and over the staggering Scott Monument.

              The Royal Mile may just be the nicest mile in the world. Following it down from the Castle it runs down to the Place of Holyroodhouse on a classical, cobbled road lined with shops filled with anything tartan and mounds of shortbread. The tiny, narrow offshoots disappear off the side and house cosy cafes and restaurants. Beyond the palace is Holyrood Park where Arthur’s Seat rises up. The mile dissects the old town, whilst the new town is split by Princes Street, a long commercial road flanked by busy shops on one side and the Princes Street Gardens on the other. As the sun disappears in the evening the city lights up with spotlights highlighting the Castle, The Balmoral and Scott’s Monument in splendid fashion.

              Edinburgh is amazing to walk around carelessly in, stumbling into famous monuments, welcoming parks and cosy streets. The hilltop lookouts are wonderful and the museums and restaurants equally so. It is home to massive art festivals, such as fringe, and one of the world’s best universities. It has been home to a hoard of famous writers and philosophers, from Adam Smith to Arthur Conan Doyle and the seat of all manner of history in Scotland’s fascinating past. The atmosphere is relaxing and calming on a long weekend away and Scotland’s riches of natural beauty are in close proximity. It is a city that this post cannot do justice to. If I am lucky I will get to go back, and if I take the van up for a big Scottish road trip, I’ll get to visit one of the world’s best cities and not break down on the way back. Hopefully.  

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