Europe’s Top Cities- #11 to #15

I’m not sure if I am more surprised that I managed to write a blog a day for the last twenty days or if someone read them, but here we are, 20 down, 10 to go. There were some tough calls to decide my top 10 European cities, and I’m still not certain of the order, but they are all incredible cities that I have had a worldie of a time in and deserve their places near the top. The next ten places offer a good mix of cultures and countries, all with something unique and wonderful about them and I would love to go back to any of them, particularly now after being cooped up for so long.

The past few cities were also incredible. Berlin was in my original top ten but got bumped down at the last minute. The others are big names and some of the most visited places in Europe. Paris (16 million in 2018) is only behind London (20 million) in terms of tourist numbers, and Rome (10 million) is just behind that. It could be their megacity status that is the reason they didn’t go higher, the wealth of things to do there attracting the hoards, making them expensive, crowded and dirty in parts. Only one of the top ten most visited places makes my top ten favourite cities.

Would you have had any of those cities in your top 10? Can you guess the cities that made my top 10?  Will I ever be sane again after lockdown? Seriously, I am losing my marbles.

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