Europe’s Top Cities- #11

 I’m not sure if spending my birthday in Berlin put it higher up on the list or knocked it down a few places. For the first time ever I wasn’t enjoying my mum’s Malteser cake after getting home from school but instead I was in the German capital messing around with my mates and drinking beers. Rather than waking up to a bacon butty and a new set of socks, I was thrown a pack of pom bears, a card filled with insults and a few shots of vodka. It was a great day of joking about and playing frisbee, but that came at the cost of missing some of the sights due to the crippling hangover the following day.

My 19th was like no other birthday I’d had. The year before was a mess of my mates dressed as Disney princesses sliding into inebriation in my garden. This year, a few of those mates were on that same slide but in the exciting city of Berlin. For some reason they had decided that I should not enjoy my birthday and instead should complete hourly drinks after a terrible birthday excursion through the Jewish memorial museum. Its not that it isn’t a great museum detailing the most explicable atrocity of modern history, it’s just that it’s not something I would choose to spend my birthday doing. Messing about in the park after that was a lot more like it, as was enjoying the sun whilst sitting on the grass in front of the towering cathedral. The night out is a jumble of bizarre memories and I wish I had more of them, and I wish it didn’t end with me being sick and spending the last day in bed.

We had arrived in Berlin the day before and whisked around some of the various landmarks, so I did get some things done. From Brandenburg Gate we went to the Reichstag before spending the afternoon at the 1936 Olympic stadium. We met up with some friends who were also in Berlin and happily caught up with them, enjoying talking to other people for a change. Berlin is not short on historically significant sights and it is no doubt a city rich with things to do, complimented by fine German food and drink, it is a great place. I think it dropped out of the ten because I didn’t get to see everything I wanted to, which is entirely down to me being useless and hungover, which I blame on the hourly shots and bottle of jager. If I had got the balance better between drinking and discovering, I think it would be higher up. Still, it brings back a bundle of hilarious memories from joking about and being idiots as well as calmer recollections of the important sites. Berlin is another that needs revisiting, but it was an epic place to spend a birthday, despite the hangover.

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