Europe’s Top Cities- #21

Copenhagen is packed with amazing attractions, fantastic food and myriad cultural enterprises for any traveller to spend long days exploring and discovering fascinating corners of the city. Just to walk around and get lost in, Copenhagen is a captivating city filled with colourful buildings lined up alongside canals and grand palaces overlooking invitingly green parks. There is a healthy scattering of museums and galleries, amusement parks and shopping districts, all accessible by the incredible bike infrastructure connecting the green, healthy city. There is the famous Little Mermaid statue, the staggering Rosenborg Castle and the magnificent Carlsberg brewery. The great Danes have managed to pack a lot onto the island of Zealand, no wonder the world needed a new one, but yet, out of all the exciting things to see, I managed to see none of them.

Instead of driving my van across the sublime Oresund Bridge from Malmo into Copenhagen bathed in sunshine, looking out across the water and singing terribly, I was on a big green flix bus. Being on a flix bus for me only means one thing, that I have broken down. I arrived in Copenhagen after a shocking week on the road. First I broke down in Norway on my way to drop Georgie off at the airport, the day after the struggle to get repaired I was slapped with a speeding fine so hard it still stings now and then a few days later I broke down again, and this time the diagnosis in Malmo was terminal. So, I thought I’d make my way to the Denmark to get home and booked the bus of failure to Copenhagen. I wasn’t in a great way when I checked into a hostel near the town centre and was happy to receive a free beer coupon to ease me in before happy hour. The only site seeing I got done is when I went to get dinner with a big Canadian guy from my dorm who took me through the square by our hostel. We then settled in at the bar for the night and I embarked on a foolish mission with the help of Mr Carl and his bergs to drink my way to happiness. I think it worked, I can’t quite remember, but it did not last until the morning.

I woke dazed, confused and with a stampede of elephants wreaking havoc in my head. I had no bedding and not many belongings and not too many memories either. Big Canadian guy let me know the damage, I had passed out in the early hours of the morning, been put in a shower and then collapsed in bed. My big sightseeing day was off the table, even getting out bed felt like clambering up Everest. Most of the day was spent wishing I could time travel forward to a hangover free zone, or even backwards to stop this self-annihilation, I never did find some of my things, never mind see the little mermaid or the grand palaces.

I guess you could say I haven’t even bee to Copenhagen really, I merely existed there briefly between buses in a sorry state. From what I did see on my short walk to the hostel from the bus station and back, Copenhagen looked as alluring and exciting as any other city and I am annoyed at myself for not making the most of my time there. Hangover and self-pity aside I did have a good time there and I need a nice round thirty cities for this list, so here Copenhagen can sit at #21 until I return to explore properly. Then I might be able to tell you something interesting and inspiring rather than whatever this post is.

I don’t have any photos from Copenhagen so here is one of my broken van

2 thoughts

  1. It is a shame you missed it, though if you do go back, the little mermaid is probably the least interesting thing you’ll see. The clue is in the name…


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