Europe’s Top Cities- #24

The first European city I tried to drive through presented a steep learning curve and offered a first glimpse at mine and Bani’s shambolic urban navigation method. Putting ‘Zaragoza’ into maps shockingly doesn’t direct you to a handy car parking space near the centre of town but, outrageously, it instead thinks it’s a good idea to try and get you to drive into the main square to set up camp. As we circled the one way streets outside of the epic cathedral the end destination pin (technical name) came into view on the phone screen pretty much at the door of the big church and, opting against that option, we decided to find alternative parking. As I drove, Bani was sent on a time sensitive mission of finding more suitable parking and started to browse through a handy app. This is when a song of last-minute directions was yelled out at each junction, which I tried to follow whilst adapting to continental driving as I pissed off an abundance of Spaniards. Relieved, I turned into a sloping side road leading down to a carpark, only to stop dead when I realised, we were a metre too tall to get in. After precariously backing up onto the busy road we found a more suitable facility at the end of the next one-way road and headed down it. The ‘one way’ was not our way and I was forced to rapidly back up to avoid the oncoming lorry. When we finally succeeded in exploring the city via the labyrinthine one-way network, we ended up at the car park with not much else to see. The cathedral was alright, and the ice cream was decent, our navigation needed work.

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