Europe’s Top Cities- #26

After a couple of weeks in the Scandinavian wilderness it was strange returning to civilisation. We had been spoiled by the beauty of the Lofoten archipelago and fell in love with the natural treasures around the fjords further south before we got to Trondheim on the coast of Norway. Normally, returning to urban land offers a chance to stock up from cheaper supermarkets and indulge in a hot shower at the local gym but this was Norway and not much was normal. The trip to the shops took no less than two hours before we left empty handed. The majority of that time had been spent on the floor of the beverage aisle crying at the extortionate cost of beer at three pounds a can. The cost of a shower was similarly bankrupting and if I knew I would’ve just washed myself from my tear ducts at the supermarket. The only reason to venture to this remote place is to leave it in search of Norway’s magnificent scenery, or to set up a very profitable brewery.

Walking around Trondheim was a nice return to civilisation and the waterfront is nice. Rumour has it that the source of the river is at the supermarket check out under the crying customers.

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