Europe’s Top Cities- #28

This one is also entirely degraded due to the nightmare that was driving around it. As we pulled off the motorway and passed through the toll, Fanny decided that Zagreb wasn’t for her and refused to pull away through the barrier. This was the start of the transmission troubles that would wreak havoc for the next few weeks until the inner workings of my Fanny gave up all together.

 On the hard shoulder, whilst waiting for the metal to magically heal itself, we gave a Croatian family a push start before sulking in the rain with only old soviet era architecture for visual stimulation. Somehow, we did manage to crawl into the city to spend a night doing fuck all other than trying to sleep outside a rowdy late-night restaurant. The downpour persisted throughout the following day, as did the mechanical issues, and with no burning desire to see anything in Zagreb we just gave it a miss and carried on. I’m sure in better weather with a more reliable vehicle I would’ve had a lot fun and it would be higher up this strange list, but I didn’t, so down here it will stay.

I may not have had the best time in the city, but the coast was incredible and we had some great nights camping by the sea.

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