Pointless Ramble

I haven’t written much recently. For a fair while actually. It’s not because there hasn’t been anything to write about or because I didn’t want to, I just kinda drifted off for a while and I haven’t had any motivation to sit down and bang on about traveling, or life in general. Maybe it’s because the last road trip was a disaster, but I have found that when things go wrong, the blogs seem to get better. I’m not sure if that is down to me being better at being grumpy and venting or because you enjoy my misery, but either way, when I get around to telling you about the least successful road trip ever, I hope you enjoy it. I normally write up my notes when I get back from a trip to distract myself from the mind-numbing days labouring but for some reason that just didn’t happen last autumn and my winter of skiing didn’t lend any time to write anything down as any free time was spent napping, drinking or moaning about wild kids on the slopes.

Now, in these strange, unprecedented and eiree times, I have been given the gift of time with the imprisonment of isolation, so I thought I’d give this blog malarkey another bash. I’m not too fussed if anyone reads it or if anyone likes it but it should kill some time and give me something to think about, and I guess reminiscing about travelling is as close as I can come to the real thing at the moment. This year was meant to be the big blow out before I tried to get a job I liked that didn’t just last for a few months in the alps, so I could obtain some degree of fulfilment year round, I guess that will have to wait. It is annoying that this year’s plans were torn up, set on fire and pooped on but there’s not much I can do about that so what’s the point in worrying. Jordan, Belize, the UK and the roads to Mongolia aren’t going anywhere so I should be able to explore them all in due course.

You’d think that with nothing special to do in the days I would be able to string together a few sentences together each day but somehow the hours fade away and nothing has been accomplished, so we will see what happens.

3 thoughts

  1. We’re all perfecting the art of doing absolutely nothing. You can fill whole days and weeks with that… Enjoy, it may only happen once in a lifetime. Let’s hope so anyway. Stay safe.


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  2. Good to see you return! I think the things that go wrong are hard to enjoy in the moment but once a little time has passed are perhaps the best ones to write and indeed read too.
    Looking forward to catching up on some of your more recent posts!


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