Tianzi Mountains- With Photos

Today, for the first time in my life, I saw a hint of a calf muscle in my lower leg (actually, anywhere on my body). Whether it was pumped up or just screaming for help, a small bulge on an otherwise chicken worthy leg was just about visible, if you looked closely enough. The long awaited, often believed impossible sight finally protruded due to the stupid decision to hike up an unprecedentedly steep mountain. I have never been on such an intense period of walking in all my life and today the exhaustion reached new heights and scary gastrocnemius related results have appeared. Our stay in China has been an active one but today was extreme. A never ending staircase clung to the mountain side and whilst depleting my energy and will to live, it did make up for it with some epic views.

Zhangjiajie was one of the most exciting things about coming to China and it did not disappointed. There weren’t even any clouds in the way.

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