Danger Of The Top Bunk- Group 6- Jerry #5

Yesterday the group started exhibiting their capabilities of exasperating irritation earlier than normal and today they took it to the next level. Before the first slope, before the first lift, before even getting to the resort I was already pulling my hair out. Each morning we have to get a bus up to town to get skiing and ten minutes before that bus was due to leave our hotel, only one member of my group was ready. I swept down from the top of the hotel to boot any kids out of their rooms and eventually made it back down to an empty meeting point as all the groups had left for the bus stop. When I caught up my kids were waiting with everyone else for the bus, but not all of them. I counted them up and looked around and I was one short as the bus rocked up. I told the ones who were on time to hold tight and not get on the bus whilst I frantically ran back to the hotel.

In the dining room I found the missing link. Pyjamas on, feet up, relaxing with the teachers without a care in the world. When I asked him what he was doing he couldn’t fathom a reasonable response and so scurried up to his room to get ready. There was no chance he was going to make the bus due to depart as he ran up the stairs and so I returned to the rest of the group to break the bad news that we’d have to wait for the next shuttle. When I counted them up, we were now an additional member short. After explicitly telling them not to get on the bus and to wait, one boy who had the hearing ability of Beethoven did just that and just before the bus pulled off, I managed to drag him off it.

We regrouped back in the waiting room where the group were free to play ping pong, table tennis and vent their frustrations at the one boy who had lethargically caused our delay. He simply did not care and saw no problem with his laid back morning, despite everyone else missing out on ski time. When I probed into the reasoning for the delay, his excuse was fantastically foolish.

In the hotel the kids are all split into dorm styled rooms with a few bunk beds and maybe one single if they are lucky. This boy had reserved himself a much lauded top bunk and seemed pretty chuffed with his conquest. However, he concluded that the single bed, which no one has had a problem with previously, was too narrow and so to free up some extra dangling room, he removed the safety barrier on the side. A sound decision perhaps for his nights sleep but when morning came and it was time to get up, he instead fell down. That is why he, and therefore everyone else, was late. He had intelligently removed the only safety feature of a bed and successfully managed to complete the tough challenge of hurting himself by waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

You’d think that he’d be apologetic and hasty after such a manoeuvre, but no. It still took him a ludicrous time to prepare himself for a day on the slopes and somehow he nearly missed the next bus. The proceeding journey to the slope continued to be an arduous and irritating one as his sense of urgency was repossessed by one of benevolence as he kindly bought with him a friends helmet that they had left behind. As generous as this was it meant we had to take a long detour over to the beginner bowl rather than heading up to the top of the mountain and so he caused an even longer delay to the agitated groups ski time.

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