Group 6- Jerry of the day #2

Despite a slow start and then absolute anarchy on the slopes whilst tampering and rearranging the groups, it was a surprisingly good day up on the mountain. Once my group had gained and lost a few members we were able to enjoy the rest of what was a stunning day on the snow and they even made some progress with their skiing. I still have most of the same members of my group and retained all of the laddish teens who think they are the best skiers on the mountain, but today they were reasonably well behaved and even managed the complicated task of stopping in a line, sometimes. The few slopes we did before lunch all went pretty well and they even remained half focused for the drills I got them to do to help with their technique and surprisingly, no reckless, crazy or funny moments occurred. One kid must’ve had the same thought as me because as he skied past to stop he dutifully pointed out this fact whilst proudly looking up at me. Which means he wasn’t looking where he was going. As he boasted of his miraculous improvement he failed to notice that his friend was out to sabotage him and as he slid to a stop he was disrupted by a stray pole which stopped his ski dead and shockingly sent him somersaulting along the snow to an unexpected sideways stop. The falling had begun.

As the group were doing well, improving slightly and behaving considerably better than atrociously, I thought they finally deserved another go at a challenging piste that they so desperately wanted to show off on. As it is half term it’s quite busy up on the slopes and bumps are springing up everywhere inbetween the ice patches caused by the worryingly warm heat which further added to the testing slope. As we cautiously cruised down the run I had to stop to point out some directions. The main run carried on, but off to the side is a thinner traverse over to the chairlift which I’ve been told to point out very clearly to the kids. As we were aiming for this track I made sure everyone knew the plan and that we were close together so that there would be no excuse to get lost by carrying on down. As I began heading over to the lift I kept checking to be sure that no one would get lost and one by one I saw them follow.

When I arrived at the chairlift I was slightly bewildered that after a few moments two of the boys didn’t appear. So we kept waiting as maybe they were being careful on their descent and we chilled beside the lift. Then some more time passed by and I started to get a bit concerned. I skated over to the other side of the run to get a better vantage point of the slope and I still couldn’t spot them. After enough time went by to watch The Lord Of The Rings trilogy I decided that somehow they’d failed to take the turn even after it being explained to them, or that one of them had died. The latter wasn’t too far off as two of them half died which to me adds up the same.

As they knew they needed some speed to float along the traverse they evidently got a bit carried away and decided to bomb it down from a bit higher than everyone else. One of them even decided to film it on his phone which made for some hilarious footage. As they zipped past the bumps they failed to account for the difficult terrain and the contrasting ice and slush and the first kid went flying down into a bump, hit it square on and was catapulted out of his skis, skidding off the side of the piste on his head. His friend who claims that he was rushing down to help him, but really was just equally out of control, did exactly the same and lost both his skis, flew off the side of the piste and managed to break a piste pole in half. It is a pretty impressive/ reckless feat to snap a wooden pole clean in half by accident but an equally stupid achievement. Both the kids came out unscathed fortunately but maybe they’ll think twice about flying over bumps.

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