Group #5- Hero of the day 2

Today my group were absolute heroes. And I genuinely mean heroes. They spent all morning skiing around imitating superman and pretending to save the world and it was one of the most amazing and fun lessons I’ve taken. We all must have looked utterly bonkers to any on lookers but equally entertaining as four small children screamed out about saving the world as they turned slowly across the slope. Luckily the kids are still at the age where they are imaginative and enthusiastic and haven’t hit the teenager stage of being too cool to pretend to be flying around fighting alien invasions. Due to that fact, their skiing really benefited from the games as they had no idea that they were drills in disguise and because they weren’t thinking another anything technical, they just skied and by the end of the session the improvements were significant.

They took the roles so seriously that when one of them took a little tumble, she piped up in a sweet and sassy shout that “this superhero is super stuck” before giggling away whilst getting up. This was the same girl that had been less than super on the button lift yesterday, but luckily she only fell off once today. All the superhero acting even got to me because as I approached her from the button lift a few buttons back I told her to get up and get ready so that I could reach out and pull her. Mistakenly believing that I had super strength I grasped her hand and pulled her behind me. The next twenty metres turned into torture as I was twisted into a crucifix with one hand holding the pole in front of me whilst the other was flung out behind me for this young superhero to hang on to. I’m fairly sure that one arm is now longer than the other.

The truly heroic moment however, came off the slopes and at the cafe. Halfway through our session we decided to stop for a quick hot chocolate to warm up and escape the heavy snowfall. We had a new boy with the group today along with the three girls from yesterday and after a morning of saving the world a few million times, he must’ve felt like the bees knees. He was sat there pretty chuffed with himself because he skiing was looking good, he was looking cool because he had my gloves on to keep his hands warm and he was superhero so he was just happy. When the bill arrived for the kids drinks this little hero stepped up to the plate in an extraordinary show of generosity and kindness for a ten year old and let the girls know that he’d buy two of them hot chocolate. It was a nice heartwarming moment to see such chivalry from a young gent and it was a little show of real heroism, and for that I gave him a little prize after dinner and let his teachers know what a sweet little kid he was.

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