Group 5- Jerry of the day #1

Button lifts have been a common occurrence in my Jerry of the day posts and today a new tangent of that enthralling theme has sprung to light. Previously we’ve had shenanigans at the start and disasters at the end, but today it was the latter middle section that bears the funny fruit. You’d think that once you were successfully on the lift that there would be no issue, until maybe you had to compete the arduous task of removing the button without falling over or it getting caught on a bag or item of clothing, after all, all you have to do is stand up and keep your feet in their natural, straight position. However, my group of lovely little kids had a slight problem on the cruisy section that led to some laughable dilemmas.

This morning as we neared the end of the first small button lift the penultimate girl to get off decided that the flat run off at the top looked too easy and far away to be a good place to disembark the lift and so roughly ten metres prematurely, she removed the button lift on the steep incline and began her unintentional ski backwards down the lift line. The girl behind her must’ve thought that it was a genius idea inviting fun and joy to the boring ride up and so copied the foolish mistake and mirrors the backwards skiing. As the two girls slid down uncontrollably backwards, they simultaneously fell over onto their backs and began sliding headfirst towards me. With enough speed to take them back to Bahrain they flew down screaming with no apparent intention to stop until I was forced to cushion their fall. The mission then was to get them out of harms way and off the track where upcoming skiers were heading up to the mess. The two girls refused to move as they chuckled in a pile on the snow and so I had to quickly haul them up. As they were so small and unaccustomed to snow the ten metre walk to the top and the rest of the group felt like climbing Everest as they slipped and struggled to the summit.

After a few runs back on the magic carpet (ski travelator) we skied onto the next lift down a tricky red run which they all did really well on. Confidence was back and I hoped it would carry them up the button lift, but it didn’t get them all the way. This time, on a longer ascent, concentration wained and the same girl who inspired the last round of carnage couldn’t resist from doing the same. Instead of keeping her legs in a comfy straight position, she decided that this would be a great time to endeavour in some gymnastics to entertain herself. As she attempted the splits the inevitable happened and she was catapulted from her ride up onto the floor. For some reason, girl number two thought once again that this girl was an inspirational lift role model and tried to copy her friend. We returned to the shambolic scene of the tangle of skis, poles, lifts and girls whilst other skiers headed up towards the chaos. This time the walk was too far up to the top and I thought that it would be a great time to introduce these two unfortunate girls to off piste skiing. Attempting a five metre traverse back to the piste seemed easy enough but it all ended in tears as one poor soul flung herself down the mountain and tumbled to a snowy, wet stop.

Other than the occasional lift catastrophe it was a relatively successful day and improvements were made on the slopes, it’s just the way up that is causing an issue.

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