Group #3- Jerry of the day 1

It’s a new week and a new school has arrived, which means new kids doing stupid things for me to share with you. This week I have the pleasure of teaching one of the highest level groups which means lots of skiing, lots of jumps and maybe some good off piste, if we’re blessed with some fresh snow. It happens to be another Swiss school this week which pretty much guarantees the kids will be good skiers, which was confirmed today. When I met the boys I’d be teaching I could tell they were gonna be good, but also hard work to keep control off. Three of them have a places across the valley in fancy Verbier, they all had the nicest kit and they very excitably suggesting their affection for “shredding” and “ripping” so it’s going to be an interesting week. There was meant to be a girl joining the boys in the group but it took just two hours of skiing before she was fed up of them and moved group.

In those two hours a lot happened. As it was there first few runs of the trip the plan was to take it nice and easy (despite half the group skiing yesterday) but things got fast, quickly. These kids were so keen on bombing it around we lapped a red run off the gondola a few times before lunch and they tried out a few tricks. There was one in particular that went so disastrously that there’s no other option than for it to win the Jerry of the day. One kid tried to do a trick where whilst skiing, you roll in to a turn, over on your belly and pop up on the other side. It is called a worm roll and it went horrendously. As he rolled over both of skis flew off into the air and left him flailing around the middle of the piste like, well, a worm so I guess there’s some degree of success. However, his double ejection was only the start of the disaster. One of skis kept sliding its way down the hill and arrived at the feet of his mate, and instantly I knew what was coming. The clogs were slowly turning as the ski approached him and as it arrived at his feet, he did what any annoying teen would do. He picked it up, skied off the side of the slope and threw it into the off piste. I would do exactly the same to any of my mates but as I apparently hold a position of responsibility and represent a ski company I had to muster some seriousness and discipline and condemn the action. As funny as I may have found it we all then had to wait for this kid to ski across on his remaining ski to reclaim the other part of the pair.

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