The turning of the year is always seen as a great opportunity to set new goals and outline aspirations for the future, despite New Year’s Day just being another day and there being no reason for it. Still, this chance to look ahead is more than welcome and hopefully 2019 will be a great year. Of course, I have set out resolutions for self improvement that will most likely never be met like doing more exercise and reducing my intake of meat to help the environment but I also want to focus more on writing and blogging this year and that’s the one I hope I actually succeed at. Since leaving school I haven’t done anything particularly good or special, I haven’t really done anything at all besides moving bricks and drinking in different countries so at the end of this year I would like to look back at a smaller pile of rubble moved and a more substantial pile of writing. The drinking and travelling can stay that bit I don’t mind.

In terms of travel plans I hope this can be another amazing year. I am currently in Switzerland teaching kids to ski which is a good start and summer is planned to be an unforgettable one with a backpacking trip to China and a road trip to Portugal. The van is still off the road and awaiting repair but hopefully by July she’ll be flying again. There’s gonna be a lot of work to do before that but it’s not a bad motivator and I hope it will get me through the hard days on site. Hopefully the next stint in building will be less tedious than last autumn, maybe writing more will help me relax and escape and the short term goal of getting on the road will put it in perspective. It seems like a decent idea of a year, but honestly, I have no idea what will happen.

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