Post of the year #3- Loss

It’s with a heavy heart and deflated feeling that I announce this bad news. On the 8th of August 2018, a long term travel companion, and friend, passed away. An ever present feature on the vans roof and travel essentials, Seymour the kayak endured irreparable damage and was laid to rest next to a wheelie bin on the shores of Eibsee, Bavaria.

With a desire to maintain brave Seymour’s honour and dignity, I would love to share with you that he ended his tenure peacefully. But that would be a lie. Squealing and spluttering until the end, coughing water and spraying air, it was an undeservedly frantic affair.

Having been damaged somehow on the rocky bed of the lake, his slow punctures grew exponentially, until only one of his inflatable segments remained intact. In his dying act of shipping our dry belongings back to shore after a night camping across the lake he still soldiered on with valour, despite the need to be continually pumped with air to carry out his duty.

Oh my fantastically floaty friend how I miss you. I can still picture our first escapade together. Courageously canoeing out into the harrowing heights off the coast of Bournemouth, battling the beating waves as you filled with water. How, despite being thrown around and tipped onto the shore, you still didn’t complain as we set back out. How you can look back and laugh at me for not tightening the valve that was designed to release water on the sand instead of drown you out at sea. Oh my beautifully buoyant brother how bitter I am you’ve been beached.

Oh my dastardly dinghy how I’ll miss that unsinkable wit and humour. I’ll always remember when you were a particularly reckless raft and on the menacing motorways of Italy, flung your oppressive oars from the roof of the van onto the road, nearly causing carnage by narrowly missing cars until they were obliterated by a lorry. How for miles I was heckled by other drivers for “nearly killing them” and creating carnage. Classic you, you badly behaved boat.

Leaving behind no wife or kids Seymour was the last of his bloodline, so with him we lose a pedigree inflatable, but we must not lose our memories of him, but instead let him live on in us.

Rest in peace, sweet Seymour, may you surf the waves of heaven with grace and elegance.

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