The Best SUP Spots #2

Lofoten Islands- Norway

This string of islands branching out of Northern Norway is one of the most staggeringly beautiful settings in the world. The dramatic mountains rising out from the sea are breath-taking and a hotbed for nature activities, from skiing in winter to hiking in summer. Getting out on the water on a stand up paddleboard is a great way to take in the unique scenery whether it be in the mesmerisingly reclusive waters of Haukland Beach or in the bay of the picturesque town on Reine on the tip of the final island. In addition to the fulfilment of cruising around this exquisite setting you can also tick off paddling in the arctic circle from your bucket list and there’s a good chance that you can tick off seeing the northern lights too if you visit between September and April. Do note that there may be a few jellyfish floating about, I say this now because when I discovered this information I was out at sea and the realisation that I was surrounded by a swarm of gelatinous distributors of pain almost scared me off my board and into their cold, stinging trap. Other than that, pure beauty up in Norway. 

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