The Best SUP Spots #1

#1- Eibsee- Bavaria

Sitting at the base of Germany’s highest mountain, Eibsee climbs its way to the highest spot on my top five SUP destinations. A stunning combination of crystal-clear water, multiple islands and coves to explore and the breath-taking backdrop of the German Alps, dominated by the colossal Zugspitze, makes it a hard place to beat. The array of blues filtering through from the dark depths up to the shallow tropics would make even the Dulux dog want to jump in and play whilst the surrounding forests galvanise the heavenly ambience of one of Europe’s most naturally stunning settings. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, I would recommend braving the waters at night for an incredible experience under the stars. Cruising around a lake with only the moon and a billion distant stars for illumination is an experience you will never forget and if you’re worried that the tantalising memory will escape you, why not tie a dry bag filled with a sleeping bag, roll mat and a few snacks on the front of your SUP and spend a night enjoying a pristine view of the Milky Way from the shores once you’ve finished a twilight paddle. I did my fair share of cool things this summer, but the night I spent counting shooting stars whilst lying on my board in the middle of this lake stakes a very strong claim for the coolest.

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