Where I’m At

Six weeks ago, my road trip which had lasted for nearly six thousand miles over more than two months came crashing to a disastrous end when for the second time in a week I had to push my forty-year-old bus into a mechanics. Unlike the first time, the news in Malmo, Sweden, was so bad that it signalled the end for my summer adventure.

At that point, this blog had only covered the first half of my trip and the exciting tales from around the astoundingly beautiful Scandinavian Peninsula but unfortunately, the end of my time in my van also seemed to be the end of my posts. Since returning to the UK I have been unable to sit down and express my thoughts and retell my stories and I am still not sure why, but I am trying desperately to conjure up some motivation and inspiration to write it all out.

It is always tough getting back to the real world after weeks of care free galivanting and what used to be a cathartic, stress releasing hobby had to take a back seat. This autumn work has seemed more tiring and somehow even less fulfilling than the boringly low level it usually scrapes along at and the desire to be in the mountains or on the beach has fought its way to a new height. It could be down to having an extraordinary summer or it could be struggling with work more or the lonely lack of socialising but for which ever reason, the days have just seemed longer and harder. Last night I hit a new low for motivation, inspiration and wasted an evening by just sleeping from when I got home and that has driven me to sit down tonight and type out what ever drivel spills out onto this post.

I knew that there would be lows to the accompany the highs of choosing this work hard play hard (in three month intervals) gap year lifestyle and I know that the next high isn’t too far away (somewhere in the Swiss mountains) but if I want to have any success in the writing world I need to stop moping around in the evenings and get back to some regular posting.

I am not content with my productivity, but it is only me who can change it.

Stay tuned for the return of light-hearted attempts at comically retelling my travels because I am done with wallowing in front of a TV every evening.


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