10,000 miles

As we reached the top of Poland in preparation for a ferry to Sweden Fanny’s Mile clock made the satisfying revolution to a nice round 70,000 miles. A pleasingly wholesome number which also signalled that over the last four weeks we have covered two thousand miles. Through seven country’s ranging landscapes of forests, mountains and major cities we’ve seen the variable beauty of a slither of Europe, and still have a few more to go.

More impressively, I noticed that this months of addition brings mine and Ban’s total van life miles up to 10,000. Five months of being isolated in a van, spread over three different road trips in three different summers, has led to the accumulation of a fair old distance.

The equivalent distance of some quite interesting things.

In 10,000 miles you could catch the worlds longest commercial flight from Doha to Auckland, and still have enough spare miles to cover you to the bottom of New Zealand.

If you caught the worlds longest train journey of the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok you could then get a boat to the middle of the Pacific Ocean and get off at Honolulu.

If I went as the crow flies from London I could get all the way to Salt Lake City in Utah. And then come home again.

I could do the same again with the North Pole.

If I didn’t want to come home, I could get all the way to Cairns on Australia’s East coast.

Alternatively, to cover the same distance I would need to line up 4 million Volkswagen Campervans, or lie nearly 9 million Banis end to end.

And last but not least. If the van could get to space, we would’ve completed a lap of the moons equator. And then another third.

Not bad for a couple of twenty year olds.

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