Non recipe- barbecue baked bean burrito

Sometimes, due to an incredibly limited variety of ingredients and astonishing lack of motivation to find a food store, the meals coming out of the van get quite interesting. A change away from plain pasta and tins of spaghetti hoops is always greatly appreciated so when it came to dinner the other night, we decided to try a few things we hadn’t considered before.

Perusing the lowly stocked cupboards for unused delicacies, the unopened pack of tortilla wraps looked a bit forlorn, as well as worryingly soggy, so they were the first to be pulled to freedom and onto the table.

Obviously, our wraps needed a filling and with the lack of anything you’d normally put in one, the rummaging returned. No chicken, no salads, not even a salsa sauce. Our Mexican marvel was falling at the first hurdle, until we got a helping hand from reliable uncle Ben. He was there to offer salvation in the form of quick to cook rice and the mouthwatering idea of a burrito. Now just one step away from a culinary conquest, a fantastically nourishing finish was in sight. All that was required now was the key ingredient that would balance out the meal, provide some filling and add a bit of sauce.

As always, the ever present, reliable and delicious tin of baked beans was on hand. Adding some fibre and protein, bulking out our burritos and marinating the rice in a juicy tomato based taste of heaven, the puzzle was complete, and dinner was ready to be served.

The beauty of this creation is that it only takes a few minutes to go from an unthought of combination of staple foods to a delicious gift wrapped master piece. Whilst the beans are heating up in one pan, the rice is boiling away next door the wraps just wait to be filled up, gifting the chef a well warranted escape from the blazing confines of the van and enjoy a drink in the cool outdoor air.

Just a few minutes later, all is done and the beans are ready to be shovelled on top of the rice in the wrap. A drenching of barbecue sauce can really add to the flavoursome concoction before bundling up the wholesome wrap wrapped parcel.

Traditional meals are normally easily enjoyed after the hard labour of preparing and cooking one, but the barbecue baked bean burrito is no traditional meal. Due to the heavy bean based dressing and viscous topping of sauce in a flimsy tortilla case, the BBBB (catchy) can be quite the handful. The spoon method can help control the overflow by hollowing out the top to prevent spillage, a more civilised version of the sucking alternative. Importantly, avoid wearing white clothes and use a napkin if available.

Regardless of technique, once consumed the BBBB will leave you happy, healthy and full, with minimum effort and cost.

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