Non Recipe- Tuna Pesto Pasta

Laziness is often a source of inspiration. Some of the greatest inventions in existence are driven by a desire for a simpler, less energy consuming alternative. Need to talk to someone far away? Text them. Can’t be be bothered to walk to the shop? Drive there. Have just got back from the city centre of Luxembourg and are in desperate need of feeding? Tuna and pesto pasta.

Years of technological and productive enhancements have culminated in the advancing brilliance of culinary expertise and out of intoxicatingly induced laziness, a wonderfully weird pasta dish has been created.

After wandering around the quaint streets of Luxembourg City, admiring the palace and stone bridge whilst consuming the beverages inhabiting our rucksacks, we worked up quite the appetite and in the late hours of the night, required some cheap, easy to make grub.

The first step of this spectacularly simple dish is to open the food cupboards and grab whatever falls out first. A can of tuna rolled its way to freedom and revealed a small green glass jar filled with sauce, gifting both items the fortune of being swept up and placed beside the pasta.

As your friend romantically praises the Luxembourg public transport networks, proceed to ignore his ramblings and light the hob, drowning the absurd amount of pasta inwater. Whilst the cooking pasta is being serenaded with compliments regarding the frequency of buses, take the opportunity to drain the tuna in preparation for service. The simplicity of such a meal does present sufficient time to open another bottle of beer between the occasional stirring of the boiling pot. If your company is repeatedly shouting water, it is very important to not throw a bottle at a trajectory colliding with their phone as it may result in a damaging impact, firstly as a direct smash before a secondary one on the floor.

If this important step is ignored, give it a few more minutes of intermittent pasta moving before finishing of the meal. Before adding the delightful mix of pesto and tuna, drain the pot using a smaller pot and a towel as a replacement of a non existent tea-towel. Mix it all together with a few twirls of a fork before offering a bowl of the finished product as an apology for any water bottle inflicted damage to their property.

You are now free to enjoy your lazy creation, with the mixture of tastes only galvanised by tequila infused beer, as you admire the value for money of the Luxembourg park and ride system.

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