Europe 2018- #1

After what seems like an eternity of failing to plan, ill- prepared preparations and various van parts dying, the time has finally come to hit the road and start the adventure. Three months in my campervan, Fanny, through the mountains of southern Germany before heading through Czechia and Poland before crossing over to Sweden, onto Norway’s Lofoten Islands and then a long drive home south through the country and Denmark makes the hard work of the last few months’ worth it. That is as far as the aforementioned failed plan making got. Nowhere particular, just a rough guide around a few countries.

Accompanying me for the first month is one Will ‘Bani’ Banister. A friend who has practiced skills rummaging around my Fanny as he came with me on our journey around Europe two years ago and who I also ventured up the east coast of Australia with. With his experience partnering me on the road his barely capable demeanour and knack of struggling with the simplest of road-based tasks make him the perfect person to help get me to Stockholm. In Sweden’s capital the occupant of the passenger seat will change to my girlfriend who will continue the journey with me through Scandinavia for a month. An immeasurable upgrade of roommate that may lack the navigational expertise accrued by Bani, I can’t wait to explore the fjords of Norway and the stunning treks that come with it with her.

Armed with a bike, kayak and paddleboard as well as a battalion of baked beans, I’ve got everything I could think of to get me around on the journey. The general idea is to just rock up somewhere preferably lakey, float about on various inflatables before spending an evening around a little fire drinking a few beers and most likely enjoying the delicious delights of Heinz finest beans. Occasionally we’ll pop into a few cities to have a bit of culture. Breaking from the rural pleasures in places like Munich, Prague and Oslo we will be able to enjoy the museums, architecture and maybe even sample the nightlife supplemented by a couple of drinks, before restocking on beans and getting back on the road.

Stay tuned for the rest of the journey, it’s going to be a wild one and one I will try to share as best as I can.

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