Phi Phi Islands

Thailand is at the top end of many a traveler’s bucket list. Boasting idyllic coastlines, mouth-watering food and enthralling history all for wallet friendly prices, it’s no surprise over thirty million people wandered there last year. After cycling out of the country into neighboring Cambodia with my mum, I headed back to meet up with some mates who were enjoying life on picturesque Phi Phi Island.

To rid me of my travel tiredness, the guys took me straight out to explore the island with the first stop being the iconic Monkey Beach. After a couple of months of travelling South East Asia my pair of guides had accrued from their experiences ingenious ways to save money on unnecessary luxuries, in this case, paying for a water taxi to escort us out of the bay to the primate inhabited section of coast.

Opting instead to swim the deceptive distance to the attraction, we delved into the water and began wading our way around the bay. My plans of idly lazing in a hammock had took a rather active turn as we set out into water, beginning with the water walk- that slow, driving stride against the waves. Eventually we hit the point of near weightlessness when the water was finally high enough to slap us in the face with each ripple, and so the powerful march was replaced by a dainty bouncing off toes whilst we avoided prickly sea urchins.

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