A weekend in South Korea

It is incredible what can be achieved in four days. Steve Wozniak designed the first Apple computer, Romeo wooed Juliet, married her, got banished, returned and died and Jesus managed to get crucified, atone for all of mankind’s sins and resurrect himself- and he had a day to spare. On the four days that I was granted for holiday away from the hotel at which I work in Japan, I travelled to South Korea to watch the Winter Olympics. Although I did not make any technological advancements, feature in the world’s most notorious romantic story or offer salvation for the human race, I did successfully manage a cheap extended weekend visiting temples, watching iconic sporting events and getting drunk thirty-five miles from North Korea, which is debatably equally as impressive.

For the rest of the article head over to The Mixed Bag travel! http://themixedbagtravel.com/pyeongchang-winter-olympics/

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