North Korea

The world is a pretty crazy place. Obviously, there are a multitude of reasons for this simple statement, but the one that has dominated the headlines over the past few months is the one I would like to bring to your attention. The rising hostilities between USA and North Korea have been plastered on the front pages of newspapers worldwide, with the surreal trading of insults between the two pugnacious leaders escalating the situation. The projection of missiles by the North Koreans has been worrying as they attempt to develop an armoury capable of reaching the American shores, most notably the firing of two missiles over the North Island of Japan, where I will be spending the next five months of my life on the ski slopes. And this is why I bring the aggression to your attention. I am heading to the thick of the action and I’d rather not get annihilated. I know that the prospect of actual warfare is miniscule, but you see North Korea, my mother is a worrier and insults from Kim Jong like you ‘mentally deranged dotard’ are not helping.

The facts of the matter should quell any fears of a parent. None of the involved countries want war, we’ve been in similar situations before like in 1994 when conflict seemed near, but diplomacy won, and that all we are seeing is the spiralling rhetoric of two deluded bullies, despite their governments stances remaining with the goal of a peaceful solution. Of course, rationality is thrown out of the window by a mother’s instinct when her son is jetting off to live under the flight path of some incompetent warheads as she imagines I will be watching them fly over like shooting stars or trying to ride one home, as my gran helpfully alluded.

I know that the preservation of peace, the environment and mankind should be the main motive for a treaty but if that doesn’t entice the leaders of the world, then please Kim Jong-Un, consider the occasional worry of a mother, I would much prefer a stress free season.

One thought

  1. If things weren’t so serious I would have laughed more while I read your post. We too have a son working in Japan and his mother worries about Kim and Donald firing missiles at each other. Our son is working in Yokohama, not on the ski fields where you will be. However as it is near a military base he probably isn’t any safer. All jokes aside good luck and enjoy your time in Japan. Cheers, Mark


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