Japan #1

I’ve just finished movie number three of my flight to Tokyo, as well as my turkey sandwiches and now, nine hours into my flight I am a little bored, so I thought I’d update you on my trip so far. There’s not too much to update on, I am still on a plane and as it is 4am Japanese time everyone’s asleep so not much is going on, other than me wishing I had another turkey sandwich. What is exciting is I have lucked out on the seat front as I have a whole row to myself enabling me to sprawl my gangly limbs across three chairs to watch movies in relative plane comfort.

This relaxation is well needed after a morning of my mum stressing me out enroute to the airport. The traffic on the A417 meant time wasn’t a luxury as we arrived at Heathrow, meaning my mother was inclined to run away to the check in desk with my luggage, leaving me behind as she went the wrong way. Her stresses were only exacerbated when a rapid rearranging of my bags was required at the check in to avoid paying for extra baggage, and as I tried to squeeze my ski boots into my luggage, she was busy climbing in the way, hurling out coats and pants onto the floor to repack in my hand luggage. After I pulled her out of my bag and preceded to receive my boarding ticket we said our emotional goodbyes and I headed off, for five months, to Japan.

The last few months have heavily involved the same conversation about Japan. After telling people what I’m up to this winter, they have always asked the same questions. Is there even skiing in Japan? Yes. (long way to go for a dry ski slope). Will you have to speak Japanese? No. (If I do have to, I can say hello and thank you. That is all) Will you have to live of sushi? No. (There are other foods available). This is always followed by a sceptical, yet understandable ‘look after yourself’ as, to be fair, I am a diabolical liability with very little sense for self-preservation. So far, however, so good. I’m nearly half a day in and have not yet cocked up or managed to miss my flight, so it’s a good start. Other than rolling of my seats, but that was the turbulence, I promise.

8 thoughts

  1. Friends went to Japan for skiing last February and loved it so much booked for this February. We hope to go for a holiday in August maybe. Should be great for photography so look forward to seeing some of your pics. Enjoy and safe travels.


  2. Hi, you are in for a great time. The food in Japan is far better than any turkey sandwich. When we visited our son last year we tried lots of excellent food. Our favourites would be ramen and okonomiyaki. Enjoy. Cheers, Mark


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