The Campervan Man

Hi and welcome to my blog!

You may be expecting awe- inspiring tales of the journeys I have experienced in my 1979 VW Campervan or just whimsical accounts of life on the road, but the contents of the posts, and the posts to come, are really just a combination of a young man’s ramblings and recounts of his somewhat bizarre adventures as I stumble into adulthood. Some of the stories really are rather stirring, retelling the events of sky dives in Slovenian mountains or hikes through New Zealand’s glaciers whilst others are concentrated ventings about breaking down in Vienna or the struggles of an inflatable kayak. Either way, I hope you enjoy the posts and find them an entertaining insight into my wonderfully wacky world.


The majority of stories on this page are based around the road trips of my prized possession, my van. Whilst Fanny is the source of many a saucy innuendo, she also serves as the vehicle which took me to school before taking me 4000 miles around Europe which was the beginning of my travels and writing. Hopefully, fellow van lovers can appreciate the restoration of the hippy bus to conventional surf wagon and everyone else can find some amusement from the resulting escapades it takes me on.


Whether you’re a van enthusiast, passionate traveller or simply enjoy the bewilderment of a 20-year-old as he stumbles around the globe trying to figure out what on Earth is going on, I hope you enjoy the posts, and maybe if you enjoy them enough you will like and share my page to help turn my dream of travel writing from a hobby into a lifestyle.

Thanks for reading!


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