In the summer of 2017, myself and a few old school mates flew down under and rented a van. The adventure we embarked on is a hilarious journey up the East Coast of Australia, stopping off at world famous landmarks and getting an insight into Ozzy culture. The drive from Sydney to Cairns was a month-long journey alongside the Pacific Coast that was full of incredible ventures and outstanding sites, which were the source of several amazing stories I must share with you. Squeezing four nineteen-year-old guys into a van was interesting enough, but the unbelievably vast variety of the Australian landscape and nature is the scene for some rather brilliant tales, from chasing kangaroos to swimming in waterfalls, fishing for dinner and rolling down sand dunes, our experience of this outstanding country were remarkable.

I hope you enjoy the diverse range of tales to come, whether it be from laughing at a bemused group of British teens or from the wonderment of the beauty of Australia.




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