Europe #3- Do Go Chasing Waterfalls

Feeling the effects of the previous day’s light exercise of the bull run, and more prominently the following session on the Spanish cartons of wine and sangria, we were back on the road and heading for the magnificent waterfalls and forests of Parque Natural Urbasa. Revitalised by our final rashes of bacon we set of to find TripAdvisor’s #1 ranked thing to do in Pamplona. Something easier said than done. Will’s incredible navigation led us through the Spanish backcountry as I undoubtedly followed his directions across farmland and rolling hills, all the way to a tiny, rural village and the end of the road. The distinct lack of forestry spurred the realisation that we had incurred our first navigational error and we were in fact completely and utterly lost in the wrong part of Spain. 

Getting lost in Spain


After another hour and a half traversing back across the Spanish countryside we pulled up to another scenic village. As this one was set in the mountain woodland the chances of waterfalls seemed significantly greater so we parked up the van and ventured off through the old village. The drawn out scenic route was made worthwhile by the incredible waterworks at the end of a magnificent hike. The crystal-clear waters of the ice cold pools at the foot of powerful fall was a site to behold as well as pretty spectacular hangover cure, particularly after a tactical chunder at the end of the trail. After effectively climbing Mt Everest the descent was a strenuous task, with the light and the end of the tunnel coming in the form of a box of brownies. 

Clear blue pools


A spot to set up camp was established on the drive up, a lay-by beside the river running down the mountains on the edge of the woodland. The fire pit was set up as well as the hammock (my best eBay buy second only to a pool table for £1) and the boules set my dad insisted on packing was also cracked out. There’s not much Bani excels at, but the guy can boule incredibly well. With the finesse and accuracy of a darts player, game after game he obliterated my hopes of sustaining any comeback in an enthralling match. Darkness ended my humiliation and allowed me to retire to my hammock to have a beer under the stars, and recuperate before the cross- country drive down to Barcelona the next day.  

Not a bad place to spend the night

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