The Plan

I say it’s a “plan” but as far as plans go, it’s pretty loose. Maybe I see it as an aim or something to motivate me to actually do something, or maybe I just wanted something I thought was catchy for the blog because it rhymed. Either way, the plans not the most well planned plan. However, the current idea of traveling the world, seeing the sites and living an exciting life seems rather attractive. I’m not one for sitting at a desk working a 9-5 job going through the daily grind for years on end, for some reason it just doesn’t appeal, I’d rather live than just exist so I guess that is the rough plan. Fortunately, I see my van as the perfect instrument to pull of the “plan” and it’s rather vital for the bucket list of road trips I have. Having driven 4000 miles around Europe already I’ve had a taste of this lifestyle and I would love to finish off the meal, after all there’s plenty of food on offer. I could easily repeat this trip but I have more loose plans of driving across America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Other places like South East Asia and South America don’t seem wise to take the van to, I don’t thing finding a new gear box out there would be too easy, it was hard enough in Austria. Of course, I also want to drive around Ireland, a place that added fuel to my desire to travel. Tony Hawks book “Hitchhiking Around Ireland With a Fridge” being one the first travel based books I fell in love with.

This Beach Stop Wasn’t Planned

All this talk of bucket lists and globetrotting is lovely but there are a few issues. One being money. If I can’t afford to travel, I can’t travel, making money quite key. Currently my job as a labourer on a building site is a good fundraiser, but I can’t see my employment being maintained if I only work half a year. Who knows, maybe I’ll paid to work out in these places or maybe I’ll even get paid to write about my experiences, I may even start a successful blog to fund it. So, with a bit of elbow grease the money issue seems conquerable. Another problem, a bit of a strange one, is that my parents might not deem it a adequate lifestyle and that I could do more after overachieving at the end of school. They suggest a more traditional job after university with long term prospects and a nice pension, but we’ve already decided that’s not for me, but they still laugh off my ideals. Leaving me to find a way of keeping them happy without losing my spot as favourite child to my brother who seems to be doing pretty well at uni. That shouldn’t be too hard, after all they are responsible for my wanderlust having taken me to some incredible places and telling me tales of their travels, the one I like to use in our arguments is that they met on the other side of the world in Darwin, Australia whilst both traveling- with the bonus point of them being in there early 30’s. With all that deep, meaningful stuff aside I guess I might as well go for it. Leaving me at the start of my circle again with a rough plan and the same desire- to just do it.

This Train Wasn’t Planned Either

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