The Man

I find it quite strange writing about myself. I’m not sure whether to put it down to stereotypical reserved Englishness and the fear of embarrassment or I just find it weird, trying to adequately describe me in a few sentences without coming across like a pleb, I guess that’s why we find cv’s hard. But I’ll give it a bash anyway. I guess it is ironic, the years spent moaning about English essays back in my school days now that I find a certain solace in writing, a hobby I find rather enjoyable in the present. I was never too keen on the academic side of education, don’t get me wrong I loved school, but more for the socialising and dossing about with my mates rather than the piles of (uncompleted) homework and tests. Forming valuable friendships and having a laugh seemed better than passing an exam. Maybe that in itself is a suitable description of me- someone who would rather live in the moment than worry about the future.  That description leads nicely into my plans to see the world and live an adventurous life for as long as possible. I’ve always been a stickler for adrenaline, climbing any tree for fun as a kid to doing a sky dive in Slovenia last summer. Skiing, kayaking and mountain biking are top of my preferred activities, and also provide the best interactions with nature, as they require rather amazing scenery to exist. Besides my love of sport, friends and obviously, campervans I can find interest in a wide range of things from chickens (I was given six for Christmas when I was thirteen) to how bright full beam headlights are on a car, I don’t know why but they just really get me with their brightness, they just light up my world (I also have a love for awful puns). So, in a nutshell, sport, nature and shiny bright things take my interest.


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