First Blog Post

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Hello and welcome to my blog! I look forward to sharing with you my adventures and stories, both past and present, most of which are based around my prized possession- my 1979 VW Camper. The result of an impulse buy from eBay, my Van is often the centre of my stories whether it is breaking down in Vienna or being pulled over by the Czech police. Hopefully other van enthusiasts will find the renovation interesting changing the hippy Jesus mobile to the surf wagon it is today and I hope everyone can find some entertainment in the stories from the road trips an adventure it takes me on. Ranging from doing the school run when I was younger to taking me 4000 miles around Europe Fanny has already provided a pretty incredible service but I hope this is just the beginning of it with future trips already in planning. Through the course of journey together I hope you too can also discover the character and joy of the vintage van. Recounts of the journey of the European tour will be posted as well as whatever escapades lie around the corner.

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